Cycle Superhighway 2 design an 'accident waiting to happen' says Coroner

Mary Hassell, the coroner leading the inquest into the death of cyclist Brian Dorling, has called the design of Cycle Superhighway 2 'an accident waiting to happen'. Brian was killed at Bow roundabout in October 2011 while commuting to work on this flagship Transport for London cycle route.

Cycle Superhighways are, in essence, trails of blue paint daubed along some of the capital's busiest motor transport arteries. Unlike the LCC, which is proposing to persevere with but improve cycling facilities on main roads as a priority, Cycle Lifestyle's emphasis is on providing a network of safe cycle routes using a combination of direct backstreets and, wherever safety can be achieved, selected routes on main roads or existing superhighways. 

I believe the London Cycle Network approach, in combination with a Tube-style London Cycle Map and corresponding signage on the routes, is the only realistic way to make cycling a truly popular transport option in London.

As I've argued, again and again and again and again, long straight cycle routes don't necessarily have to be on long straight major roads. Using Simon Parker's clever 'compass colours system', London's existing spaghetti of backstreet cycle routes could be made much more accessible, enabling cyclists to ride safely, directly and simply from more or less anywhere to anywhere in the capital. 

Apparently the court was 'packed' during the Brian Dorling case. A cynical man might point out there are huge vested interests when it comes to the current cycling status quo in London - lobbyists, campaigners, lawyers and officials of all stripes feeding off the seemingly endless, and very occasionally tragic, confrontation between motorists and cyclists, a confrontation that is crystallised in the Superhighways debate.

A cynical but hopeful man might observe that there is an easy way out this deadlock, if only people could see past the melee to a London Cycle Map.

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