Olympic countdown - Reasons for a London Cycle Map, #63: Like a Magic Eye.

#63: LIKE A MAGIC EYE. Remember Magic Eyes? They were a big thing in the 1990s (God, I’m getting old): pictures of seemingly chaotic patterns which reveal hidden order when you stare at them in the right way. Most people couldn’t ‘see’ them. Sometimes I could, but I can’t make any sense of the one pictured below.

Below that is an image of the London Cycle Network. It also looks like a crazy pattern. No-one knew it contained hidden order until Simon Parker came up withhis London Cycle Map, shown in the final image below.

Simon saw the London Cycle Network not as a chaotic tangle of lines but as a series of long straight coloured routes, dissecting the capital in all directions.

A brilliant vision! With signage and markings on the streets corresponding to Parker’s London Cycle Map, cyclists could travel from anywhere to anywhere in the capital while remembering just a few coloured routes.

Can you see it? www.petition.co.uk/london-cycle-map-campaign

Magic Eye

London Cycle Network

London Cycle Map

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