Olympic countdown - Reasons for a London Cycle Map, #71: A chance to upgrade current signage.


Thanks to Simon Parker for contributing today's reason...

The waymarking on the London Cycle Network is notoriously patchy. How often it is that signs are absent just at the point where they would be most useful!

One day, surely, London will develop a network of segregated cycle paths. However, even in Holland, 85% of their cycle routes are shared with other users. Given how underdeveloped the cycle infrastructure is in London relative to the continent, the best place for repeat (or route confirmation) markers is on the road, and not attached to a lamp-post or some such, where they can be easily missed. A repeat marker on the road is less likely to be (re)moved, reduces street clutter, and would also help to "raise awareness". It ought also to be possible to incorporate solar light studs, appropriately coloured, into the repeat markers, thereby enabling easy navigation during the long winter nights.

As for the presence of direction (or destination) signs along the routes of the London Cycle Network, it is surely appropriate to question the value of having these signs aimed exclusively at cyclists, not least because they are really quite ugly (see picture below). A more general purpose sign, something like this, is more attractive, as well as being useful to a broader range of people.



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