Simon Parker's London Cycle Map

There are four main versions of Parker's London Cycle Map. They differ either in their graphical style or in the size of the area they represent (the final version is of Greater London not just Central London).

To read about how the London Cycle Map works, click here.

And click here to see a roadmap showing the streets incorporated into Parker's London Cycle Map. (Note that there are some discrepencies between the various versions of the London Cycle Map and the routes on the roadmap. Parker's exact route choices are constantly evolving following feedback from borough officers, transport planners and members of the public).

Click on the images below to download pdfs of the maps.


Sign the London Cycle Map Campaign petition here.

The first and fourth versions of the London Cycle Map above were illustrated by Jon Haste. The second and third versions of the London Cycle Map above were illustrated by cartographer Martin Lubikowski.

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