Leading figures give their thoughts on the London Cycle Map Campaign:


"I lived in London for nearly a decade – the 90s – and rode a bicycle almost everyday. I invested a lot of time and ardour in finding the best routes across the city – the safest thoroughfares, the shortcuts and back alleys, the one-ways and parks that turned a simple bike ride into a gift. I remember how hard that knowledge was won. There weren’t many regular cyclists to compare trip notes with then. I kept studying the A-Z; I kept taking wrong turnings on purpose; I kept on nosing down the dead ends.

"The knowledge did come, though. And through it, through seeing every common and cemetery, every allotment and every sweeping cityscape, I came to love a place I’d always expected to hate. I’m a country boy, really. And now I’m back in the country. I moved to the Black Mountains, in south-east Wales, eight years ago.

"Now, I return to London regularly, on the train, with my bicycle in the guard’s van on the Great Western service from Swansea. Each time, I set off blindly from Paddington to Kentish Town or Dalston, Southwark or Soho. And each time, I seem to come unstuck. I arrive at a junction I know well… only to realise I’m lost. The knowledge is fading. Holes are appearing in my subconscious street map of the city – partly because I’m getting old, and partly because I don’t ink over the routes often enough anymore.

"This is why I believe the London Cycle Map is such a good idea. Clear, well-signed routes would be easy to follow. It would be a huge boon not just for me, but for anyone bringing a bike to London. Who knows, it might even encourage a few more people onto two wheels as well." Robert Penn, author of 'It's All About the Bike'.


"On behalf of the GeoVation judging panel, we are pleased to support the quest to transform the London Cycle Map vision into a reality with funding from the Technology Strategy Board and the Department for Transport. It was one of six winners of the recent transport challenge and was one of the judges' favourite innovations. We were particularly impressed with the tenacity and determination of the team, and whilst there are still clearly barriers to overcome, it is very timely given the recently launched cycle hire scheme and cycling superhighways in London." Roland Harwood, Chair, Ordnance Survey GeoVation Judging Panel


Most world cycling cities agree that the network approach to promoting cycling through safe, continuous and easy-to-follow routes is the most effective. There are currently several different cycling networks being developed in London, all with their own branding, scope and design details. Parker’s plan is to date the most effective method of uniting these approaches into one easily understandable and usable mapping system.

"There has been a debate raging in London for several years now amongst cycle planners about route signing strategies and ‘way-finding’. I hope we can find solutions and consistency soon in order to help the growing number of cyclists plan their routes more effectively. I personally support all efforts made by dedicated cycling enthusiasts to improve the level of service for cyclists. Most of us who have been involved in cycle planning for many years started out as enthusiasts or lobbyists ourselves. My views may not necessarily be supported by the organisations I work for, but no one has shown me a more elegant solution than Parker’s, and I would be delighted to be instructed to help make this system happen.” Brian Deegan, LCN Development Manager.


 "I was one of two surveyors who created the original LCC/TfL cycle map series a decade or so ago, and I think Simon Parker's map really builds on that - an excellent bit of work." David Henshaw


"This would be really helpful for those of us who visit London and wish to find our way around by bicycle. A great alternative to carrying a dozen maps and trying to look at these in all weathers." Andy Hunter, StoryBikes Director


“At Planet Organic we encourage healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle. But it’s not just what you buy in the shops that counts, it’s how you get there. Cycling is a great way to get your shopping done, helping you to burn a few calories and get out in the fresh air. The London Cycle Map Campaign is a wonderful idea for giving more Londoners the confidence to get out and about on their bikes. It’s one thing cycling a short local journey in London, with local knowledge, but when it comes to making longer journeys by bicycle there’s a huge need for a tube-style cycle network to guide people safely, simply and quickly from one part of the capital to another. We’ve been huge supporters of Cycle Lifestyle magazine since it hit the streets in 2009 to much acclaim, and we’re proud to say we back the London Cycle Map Campaign.” Peter Marsh, Planet Organic CEO


"Supporting the London Cycle Map Campaign is a no brainer. Commuters are fast realising that the London Underground is not the best way to get around the capital. The bicycle is what is going to get smog-and-congestion-infested London out of trouble and a London Cycle Map will help the bulk of the cyclists in the capital to find their way around. It is movements such as these that will ultimately help people to change their perception on how they should commute." David Farr, NipNip Electric Bikes Director


"The London Cycle Map is surely one of the best ideas for getting people on their bikes. Once they are on their bikes the "enthusiasm" for cycling is really likely to take hold! It's a great idea waiting to happen, lets hope it does!" Tom Philips, Spanish Road Cycling Holidays


"Cornish Cycle Tours is in support of the London Cycle Map Campaign. Although not directly affecting us in Cornwall any such maps and signs to make cycling routes easier to find and follow has got to be good. It will not just benefit the people living and cycling in London everyday but also cyclists visiting London that have little knowledge of the area and need an easy to read and follow map." Lanyon Rowe, Cornish Cycle Tours


"Limousin Cycling Holidays and Bonkersfrog Activity Holidays run cycling tours in rural France. Throughout France there is a standard route marking system which is colour coded and numbered. Both our guided and self guided itineraries follow these routes, so that there is no need for the cyclist to stop to consult a map, but can get on with enjoying the cycling. The system works well here and we feel would be even more advantageous on the busy roads of London." Andy & Cris Bassam, Limousin Cycling Holidays and Bonkersfrog Actvity Holidays

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Its not a just cycle map. Its

Its not a just cycle map. Its a cycle map and road marking system! This will make cycling in London even safer and simpler.

So, there will be a printed map, road signs, and hopefully painted lines on cycle lane edges and on the roads colour coded for ease of getting around. We'll even get the map printed on the Blue Bike cycle hire scheme stations.

If only one of the Mayoral candidates had this in there manifesto! However, still, lets make the London Cycle Map happen...

Simon Nash, Director, Green Oil UK Limited

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