Cycling is pleasant! A timely artistic reminder...

Following all the recent media scaremongering about cycling in London, and all the anger flying back and forth between drivers and cyclists, it's good to have a reminder that, on the whole, cycling is pleasant!

Sam Motherwell, the artist who created the cover for Cycle Lifestyle issue 6 and whose star is rapidly rising, has sent me these lovely soundtracked animations based on collages of his drawings and paintings. 

Much of Sam's work depicts Cambridge, often with a cyclist in view (as the case tends to be with Cambridge, Britain's most popular city for cycling).

I'm no art critic, but there's something about these animations, and Sam's work in general, which gives me a feeling of calm inspiration, one that I wish I could have all the time. I suppose the gentler, friendlier but still bustling side of life that Sam's work portrays, or perhaps I should say embodies, is simply more uplifting than the usual bombastic egocentricity that passes for entertainment in the modern world.

You can find out more about Sam's work here.

And you can find out how pleasant cycling is by planning a quiet route and getting out there on a bike.

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