Goodbye Cycle Lifestyle

After ten issues of Cycle Lifestyle, I’ve decided to call it a day.  

With a lot of hard work, the magazine has been profitable for four years – a fact I’m proud of – but with each issue the struggle to acquire funding has become tougher and tougher, now to the point of unsustainability.  

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contributed to the magazine – especially our ever-present and ever-funny columnists Gareth Jenkins and Adam Copeland, our superb and committed designer/illustrator Jon Haste, Dom Tyerman for his website jiggery-pokery in the early days followed by Jack Carr's recently, and our friendly and ultra-professional printers Barclays Print. Above all, thank you to Rebecca Watts for her poetry sourcing and writing, editorial support, unending good advice, and creative input. will remain online as a vehicle for the London Cycle Map Campaign. I’ll still blog occasionally on that topic and will continue to do so until London gets a Tube-style map and network of cycle routes worthy of the campaign’s demands.

I’ve learned a lot from Cycle Lifestyle – to the point where a proper valedictory would be about as difficult to produce as another issue of the magazine. To cut a long story short: cycling is immensely life-enhancing, more people should do it, and the people who do cycle should be careful not to become so partisan that they put off non-cyclists.

See you on the road.

Ben Irvine

Cycle Lifestyle Editor from September 2009 to February 2014.


Sad news Ben, but thank you

Sad news Ben, but thank you for producing a brilliant cycling magzine. Good luck for the future.

Thanks a lot David.

Thanks a lot David.

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