The Journal of Modern Wisdom has returned!

If you're a fan of Cycle Lifestyle magazine then you might be interested to hear that a new volume of our 'sister publication' has recently been published. (It even contains a short section about cycling!)

The Journal of Modern Wisdom volume 2 is a selection of diligently-written, accessible essays seeking to reassert the importance of wisdom in the modern world, all accompanied once again by exquisite illustrations from resident artist Thais Beltrame.

Contributors to volume 2 include Theodore Dalrymple, Jules Evans, William Irwin, Nicholas Maxwell and Tom Barker, plus editor Ben Irvine, poet Rebecca Watts, and an anonymous, high-ranking academic unleashing a glorious polemic against the philosophical establishment.

Addressing a cluster of topics traditionally neglected by the intelligentsia – such as self-control, self-help, community mindedness and responsibility – the journal’s message is both radical and, deep-down, familiar, providing provocation and inspiration in equal measure.

For public thinkers and the thinking public, copies of the Journal of Modern Wisdom (volumes 1 and 2) are available for £4.99 from

A third volume of the Journal of Modern Wisdom is already being planned. To get involved, please do get in touch on

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