The LCM poster's new home at PleaseCycle

A while ago, Cycle Lifestyle created a really cool giant poster showing the London Cycle Map and explaining why a single, Tube-style map and network of signed cycle routes is so important for the capital.

The excellent chaps at PleaseCycle (Ry and Ronan, pictured below) were generous (and gung-ho) enough to put the poster up in their offices near Oxford Street. 

Thanks so much, guys! Cycle Lifestyle and PleaseCycle are kindred spirits - both are social enterprises seeking to promote the psychological, social, health and economic benefits of cycling. Whereas we send magazines into workplaces, PleaseCycle provides a fantastic online platform which enables employees to share information and encouragement when it comes to getting cycling. Find out more here.

To read the poster, click here or on the image below.

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