On a roll: our best ever three months, issue 8 on the way, contributors wanted.

The last three months have been the best ever for cyclelifestyle.co.uk, following the launch of Cycle Lifestyle magazine issue 7, and our recent countdown of ‘100 reasons for a London Cycle Map’.

So I’m delighted to announce that we’re now gearing up for issue 8, to be published in late November.

It’s an especially exciting time for me, because my first book Einstein and the Art of Mindful Cycling: Achieving Balance in the Modern World (Ivy Press)is publishing in October, and my new personal website, www.benirvine.co.uk, launched recently.

The upcoming issue of Cycle Lifestyle will feature the usual favourites – including the Peddler, New Bike on the Block, and Give it a Go – plus tips on winter cycling and getting started.

We’re inviting contributions to the magazine – from advertisers who want to reach new cyclists, and illustrators, writers and poets seeking a new forum for their work.

In particular, we’re looking for an artwork for the front cover of issue 8. Can you help us out?

Thanks to all our readers and contributors for their continuing support for Cycle Lifestyle.

Best wishes,

Ben Irvine, Cycle Lifestyle editor


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