Sixth-formers lead the way with cycling poster campaign.

I received an email this week which caught my eye, from Keith Ellis, the Sustainability Coordinator for the Sixth Form College Colchester. A group of students there have produced a tremendous set of posters (below) promoting cycling. With great slogans like 'You don't have to be a cyclist to ride a bike' and 'Cycle yourself happy' the posters really resonate with Cycle Lifestyle's own message. I hope they find a wide audience. Here's more information about the project, in the words of James Bowles, one of the students involved...

The Colchester Sixth Form College Try Cycling group first formed in December 2011 as a result of our local Sustrans Bike It officer contacting the college with the hope of promoting cycling within Sixth Form colleges. As a group of students we were given the task of designing a marketing strategy to promote cycling among the student population of the college. After researching we concluded that the most effective way of encouraging cycling would be via posters. The group designed and produced a set of posters, some highlighting the financial and physical benefits to cycling, whilst others breaking down the image of the stereotypical cyclist. The posters are soon to be displayed around the College and if the campaign proves successful it may go nationwide.



I have a group of 14 year

I have a group of 14 year olds currently campaigning for their peers and staff to cycle to school. How could we get hold of some of these great posters?

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