Bike Checks

Before you set off you’ll need to make sure your bike is safe to ride. Start with the following checks:

  • Both brakes work well.
  • Both tyres are pumped up (this will make your bike easier to ride as well as safer).
  • The saddle height is correct (so that when sitting on the saddle your heel rests on the pedal with your knee very slightly bent). Also make sure that when adjusting the saddle height the seat post limit has not been reached (normally this is a marked band about 3 inches from the bottom of the seat post).
  • The handle bars are tightened. Ensure that they cannot be turned with the front wheel between your legs, and that they do not move when pressure is applied from the top.
  • The gears work smoothly.

If you are unsure then take your bike to the nearest bike shop for a quick service. When you buy your bike from a shop you can expect them to help you with these checks.

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