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Commuters in the capital may experience more stress than a fighter-pilot or a riot policeman going into action, according to a BBC report. And if that’s not bad enough, there’s usually even more gloom inside the free newspapers handed out in the capital.

Cycle Lifestyle, published by oldspeak publishing, is a free magazine that  offers Londoners a positive alternative. Designed to inspire more people to cycle,  copies of the second issue were handed out at workplaces and public transport hubs in April. Copies are also available at a number of London outlets.

Compared to the usual grind of travelling in London by car, bus or train, it’s not hard to see the merits of cycling: it’s healthier, invigorating, free, less stressful and often just as quick. But there are so many myths surrounding cycling, the choice doesn’t always seem so clear-cut. Cycle Lifestyle reveals the untold truths: London’s not too big for cycling; the weather’s not too bad; cycling doesn’t make you too sweaty or tired; and it’s much safer than you might expect.

Cycle Lifestyle’s editor, Ben Irvine, summed up the project:

“If someone offered to pay you to start each working day feeling livelier, fitter and less stressed, of course you’d say ‘yes please’. We’re hoping that our magazine will let many more commuters in on the deal: reaping the rewards of free and stress-free travel in London”.

Above all, Cycle Lifestyle’s mission is to show how cycling can make individuals and communities so much happier. It’s a rare concept in modern times, happiness. At best it’s a forgotten priority for individuals, at worst it’s something we even begrudge each other: like when the exhilarated grin of a cyclist seems more of a smirk to someone who’s stuck in a trundling metal box.

With articles on topics like getting started, choosing a bike, planning a route, cycling safely, cycle fashion and even romantic cycling, Cycle Lifestyle hopes to show more people a way out of the box – and to add a smile to more journeys in the capital. Whether it’s doing the shopping, going out to see friends, attending a lecture, paying a local visit – you name it – it’s easier and more fun on a bike.

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