Cars, T-junctions and you

A superb article on the London Cyclist blog has drawn attention to how easily drivers can miss passing cyclists when looking from side to side at a T-junction.

It happened to Bradley Wiggins recently. When a car rolls up to a T-junction, the driver's gaze can sweep past a passing cyclist, in a series of visual jumps, so that the cyclist remains unseen in the gaps.

The article has lots of advice for cyclists on how to avoid trouble when passing T-junctions.

- High visibility clothing helps drivers see you.

- Look at the head of the driver who is approaching the junction or has stopped. The driver's head will naturally stop and centre upon you if you have been seen.

- Recognise that with a low sun, a dirty windscreen, or one with rain beating against it, drivers are likely to have less of a chance of seeing you.

- Ride in a position further out from the kerb as a driver is more likely to be looking in this location.

The article explains the science behind drivers missing passing cyclists when approaching T-junctions. It is worth reading in full, being a fine example of using insights about human nature to provide practical, sound advice, in this case advice for both drivers and cyclists on how to make cycling safer.

Above all, the article exemplifies how it is much more constructive to stop complaining about problems on the road and instead begin to understand the true sources of those problems.

Knowledge is power; complaining isn't.


I always try look at where

I always try look at where the driver is focusing,then watch for any movement in the vehcle so that I am prepared if someone pulls out on me,also I slow down in order to reduce breaking distance.

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