Increase in London Underground delays

New TfL figures show a rise of 19% in delays of 15 minutes or more on the London Underground, the Guardian reports. No prizes for guessing our recommended remedy at Cycle Lifestyle:


In the time it takes you to walk to the Tube station, make your way down an escalator and round a few piss-smelling bends to get to the platform, wait for the train, get on the train and rest your weary head in someone's armpit and hope that you make it to your destination without stopping in a tunnel, then force your way off the train, travel up an escalator and round a few more bends before the final trudge from the station to your destination, interrupted only by someone thrusting in your face a dismal free paper with a picture of Imogen Thomas on the cover.... you could have cycled your journey. You could have been out in the fresh air, experiencing all the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of London, with optimism coursing through your veins, a sense of adventure, and a fellow cyclist smiling and saying 'hello'. And not a delay in sight.

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