London Cycle Hire directs cyclists the wrong way down one-way streets

In the spirit of balanced reporting, I should point out that the cycle hire bikes are generally excellent; but naturally I do think there is an issue surrounding them regarding navigation and mapping. More important than the story that in one instance the accompanying maps are not 100% accurate is that in all cases they only show the area immediately local to the bikes, so it's still fairly difficult to make cycle journeys from one part of the capital to another. It's the same story all over London. People typically know how to get around by bike for the first few miles - cause they're familiar with the area, or they live there, even - but as soon as they get a bit further afield it's unchartered territory. Contrast this with the tube, where you don't need to know the area you're going to: no matter how far it is, the map will get you there, regardless. Something similar is needed for cycling.

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