London to Paris Bike Ride 2013

Cycling is the world’s most fun form of transport, and Paris is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, so why not cycle there?

From 5 to9 June 2013 if you want to get away from it all, burn off a few calories, and have a real adventure, then sign up for the London to Paris Bike Ride in association with charity Doctors of the World.

The ride takes just 4 days(plus 1 day travelling back from France), and runs from Wednesday to Sunday. Each day brings its own pleasures and sights. 

The registration fee for the ride is just £99.

By signing up to this event, you commit yourself to raising the requested fundraising target of £1,450. By cycling with Doctors of the World, you will contribute to an important cause: providing vital healthcare before, during and after a humanitarian crisis.£100 could pay for an emergency health kit and provide healthcare for over 100 people caught up in an emergency, for 3 months.

Doctors of the World works in over 70 countries, supporting the most vulnerable persons, from young mothers and their babies in Democratic Republic of Congo, to children on the streets of Nepal, or victims of natural disasters like the earthquake in Haiti and the floods in Pakistan.

As well as helping those further afield, the charity provides support to destitute people here in the UK. Through a London-based clinic, Doctors of the World have provided thousands of consultations to vulnerable people.

In 2011 cyclists raised over £80,000 for Doctors of the World. The London to Paris ride gave entrants a chance to meet new people, work together towards a common goal, and raise money for an important cause, all the while cycling through beautiful countryside in the UK and France.

For more details or to sign up, send an email to or call 02075157534 to speak to Smaranda.


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