'London's True Colours': a film for the London Cycle Map Campaign

‘London’s True Colours’ is an exciting film all about the London Cycle Map Campaign.

Brilliantly produced and animated by Stuart France from Stuff Animated in partnership with Cycle Lifestyle magazine, the film shows how the capital could be transformed by Simon Parker’s ground-breaking London Cycle Map.

‘London’s True Colours’ is available for free viewing on youtube and here at cyclelifestyle.co.uk (just below the magazine browswer on the right hand side). We hope you’ll enjoy watching it and sharing it with your friends.

And – if you haven’t yet – please don't forget to sign the petition for the London Cycle Map Campaign.


To be frank I previously

To be frank I previously thought the map was a bit of a mess, however, after watching the film - I get it. It is for my liking still a bit too busy but the basic concept is very good. As a suggestion perhaps on the reverse of the map and / or on a laminated, pocket size card each route could be reproduced as a straight line, together with major points at each end and along each route which could help 'untangle' each ride once you've decided where you want to go from the main map. The need for signage is a no brainer of course and, eventually, we need better defined areas for bikes along each road, preferentially physically demarcated from the vehicle traffic - as found in other European cities (Paris, Copenhagen etc. Good luck

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