New version of Parker's London Cycle Map

Simon Parker has recently released a new version of his London Cycle Map. It combines design elements from previous versions, so I've dubbed it the 'hybrid version'. Click here, or on the map below, to be directed to a page where the new map, plus previous versions, can be downloaded.

Looking at this wonderful design, it sends a shiver down the spine to think of what a useful resource this would be for Londoners, when combined with a corresponding system of signage on the roads. After all, these cycle routes already exist - millions of pounds have be spent on them over the years - but they're just not mapped or signed properly. For just £50,000 per borough, Parker's proposal would let the secret out, and make navigating by bike in London so much easier; as easy as catching the tube. You could get from anywhere to anywhere on this vast network of cycle routes by remembering, in the majority of cases, no more than three coloured routes then following the signs.

If you want to see it happen, please sign the petition and tell your friends.


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