Olympic countdown - Reasons for a London Cycle Map, #11. Boost the economy.

#11. BOOST THE ECONOMY. Economies thrive when large numbers of people are in a position to exchange the fruits of their labour with one another. For this to occur, not only do people need to communicate (the internet has made this easier), they also need to physically interact.

Unfortunately, London’s travel network is not nearly as efficient as its information network. Congestion on roads and public transport is a constant drag on people’s time and energy.

Arguably, modern societies have prioritised communication over transportation to such a degree that the economy has been compromised. There’s no point creating a thriving virtual world of commerce if the real world infrastructure restricts people’s movements.

In making it easy, spontaneous and quick to get around the capital, a London Cycle Map and network would boost levels of connectivity in the real economy. Whether on conventional or electric bikes, Londoners would be able travel on safer, quieter streets, following a few trails of colour, just like on the Tube.

By bringing more people together in this way, A London Cycle Map would facilitate the rewards of exchange and trade – of labour, services and even goods – thus boosting the economy.

Don’t listen to the naysayers. Trade is a win-win, so a strong economy is indispensible to a thriving society. And if we want to solve the problems of the world, we need to be adequately resourced and organised. A London Cycle Map would boost the economy and help London to thrive and progress.


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