Olympic countdown - Reasons for a London Cycle Map, #13. Making London happier, supported by Action for Happiness.

#13. MAKING LONDON HAPPIER, SUPPORTED BY ACTION FOR HAPPINESS. I’m thrilled to announce that Action for Happiness, the worldwide movement to promote happiness and well-being, has come out in support of the London Cycle Map Campaign. In the words of director Mark Williamson:

“We are of course hugely supportive of encouraging more people to cycle and would be very happy to be named as a supporter of the campaign.”

It’s easy to see why. Many aspects of cycling are conducive to happiness. The physical exercise. The stress-free travel. The health benefits. The freedom. The reliability. The affordability. The sense of community. The glow of doing your bit for the environment.

In bringing cycling to the masses, a London Cycle Map would massively boost happiness in the capital.

Instead of being scared of cycling, or cooped up in a traffic jam or on public transport, Londoners could cycle from anywhere to anywhere in the capital by following signs and trails of road markings on quieter, safer streets.

In turning our city into a chilled out place that’s pleasant to live and travel in, creating a Tube-style London Cycle Map and network would truly be an action for happiness.

By signing the petition, you can act now.


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