Olympic countdown - Reasons for a London Cycle Map, #2. YOUR comments!

#2. YOUR COMMENTS! One of the best things about the petition for London Cycle Map Campaign is that it features thousands of comments from signatories explaining why they want to see a Tube-style map and network of cycle routes in London.

Here’s just a selection of these comments, which say it all really:

“This would make life soooooo much easier!”

“The advantages would be immense.”

“This is a great idea. Let’s get it implemented and make London the world’s cycling capital!”

“An excellent idea which will help to make travelling around London easier, safer and greener.”

“It would help when I visit London and have to find my way around by bike.”

“I can't believe something like this doesn't already exist in London!”

“Although I don't live in the London area anything to encourage cycling anywhere in the UK is a good thing.”

“I have not yet seen a better potential cycle map of London than this one. This captures the way we cycle.”

“This small investment will have HUGE payoff for years and years to come.”

“I LOVE cycling but don't always feel safe to in the capital... Brilliant idea!”

“I'm very excited about the launch of the London Cycle Hire scheme and a map to make cycling safer and easier is the only component that is missing!”

“Please, please, pretty please!”

“Great idea! Why has the Mayor not pushed for this already?”

“I cycle everyday but still have difficulty finding out the quickest and safest routes.”

“Make it happen!”

“London should lead the world with this!”

“It is ABOUT time!”

“This would be both very helpful and also increase safety on London's roads for cyclists.”

“As someone who is looking to work in London with a commute from the countryside by train it would be nice to have a nice clean way of getting around the city without needing the massive local knowledge that I would currently.”

“An up to date cycle map of London is essential. Not all cyclists have fancy phones that support apps.”

“My wife and I are both regularly in London on bikes and this sort of map would be a great step forward!”

“A great idea and vision for future cycling that can be replicated across the UK!”

“Fabulous idea, a long time coming.”

“I spend a lot of time in london, and commute to work by bike when staying. A map would be good for letting me know how to get around at weekends.”

“As a regular visitor and a cyclist this map would be very useful.”

“I'm from Barcelona (Catalonia) and I love London and the bicycle. Congratulations for the initiative.”

“Would be great to arrive in London by train and explore it easily on my own bike. Let's set an example to the world and show it off in 2012!”

“This would be very handy as I am often trying to plan safe routes from home to various places but standard maps aren't much use on this front.”

“As a regular cycle commuter who knows only a few routes in my area of London, this would be really useful for me.”

“Desperately needed. I'm always having to consult an A-Z despite having lived in london for 3 years.”

“This is a matter of urgency. If we want more people cycling then a unified cycle map is a necessity.”

“What a brilliant idea. Let's make it happen.”

“I would love to see this happen. I spend a fair bit of time in London - a good cycle map would really help me in getting around. Obvious next step from the 'Boris bikes' scheme!”

“Trying to piece together all the borough maps is just crazy.”

“If Boris really wants to make London a 'cycling city' then this is a must!”

“14 huge cumbersome maps. Great if you are only going a short distance and can keep the map folded. Awkward if you want to travel any distance.”

“This is an excellent suggestion. A single map showing all the routes is long overdue and will help to increase cycling withing the capital.”

“I cycle every day to work, but to venture outside of my normal route is hard without a GPS. We need a map.”

“You have spent a lot on cycle lanes, so it's time for a decent map.”

“I've cycled on roads and cycle routes in London for years and I feel it's safe to say we're a bit behind the times when it comes to provisions for cyclists. More needs to be done to encourage people to cycle more; a clear, simple map could really help, along with clearly marked out routes.”

“This is a great idea to improve London for everyone and would attract more tourists.”

“Please get this map together. I’m fed up of creating a cycle route on Google maps.”

“This is a superb idea and I would really like to see it taken forward. It could make a huge difference for cycling in the capital.”

“Really happy with moves to support cycling so far but this would help still further.”

“Great opportunity to achieve the obvious. Must be a private sector sponsor out there to turn this into a reality.”

“I have to travel to London a lot through my work and I would bring my bike to get around if a map such as this was available.”


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