Olympic countdown - Reasons for a London Cycle Map, #47. Great for silver cyclists.

#47. GREAT FOR SILVER CYCLISTS. I love seeing ‘silver’ cyclists – those inspirational pensioners who demonstrate that you’re never too old to ride a bike, or even to learn. Indeed, many of the core benefits of cycling are especially helpful to older people: independence, social interaction, mental stimulation, affordability, good health. And because you can exercise gently on a bike – or even choose a model that supplements your efforts with an electric motor – you can keep fit within your limits.

It’s a fact of life that the older you get, the less hassle you want. Anyone who has ever seen their grandma trying to write a text message will tell you that clarity and simplicity make life a lot easier when mastering a new skill, or reviving an old one. A London Cycle Map would make venturing into a new part of the capital so much more straightforward, with easy-to-follow coloured signs and markings on the streets corresponding to Simon Parker’s routes. The pace of cycling on these streets would also be slower and calmer, perfect for people who want to go at a more leisurely pace.

Let’s hope the London Cycle Map is implemented before I start collecting my pension!



We are silver cyclists and

We are silver cyclists and are coming to London for the Olympics and bringing our bikes. We are staying at Tufnell Park area and cycling to Stratford for one session of swimming and another of athletics. It has not been easy to find a route down to Stratford that does not contain too many main roads but think we are sorted now. I have an electric assisted bike - will I be safe to bring it or do you think I should bring the old hybrid?

Hi Bridget,

Hi Bridget,

Thanks for your message. I hope you have a great stay in London.

I would say that, if you do bring the electric bike, you should keep it locked up and INSIDE (not in the street).

If you lock your hybrid bike in the street, make sure it is at least double locked, including a D-lock. Bike theft in London is quite a problem, I'm afraid to say.

Best wishes - Ben

my 72-year-old mother wouldn

my 72-year-old mother wouldn't ride a bike in London however many pretty signs you put up

it's too bloody dangerous

your campaigns like the emperor's new clothes. look closely and there's nothing there

Have you looked closely at

Have you looked closely at each of the 100 reasons we've posted so far? Or the Q and A? Or the campaign guide? Or any of the last 7 issues of Cycle Lifestyle? You will find that your assertion that there is 'nothing there' when it comes to our campaign is obviously untrue.

I'd be interested to see why you think that road signs and markings on the LCN wouldn't make it safer and more accessible.

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