Olympic countdown - Reasons for a London Cycle Map, #55. A fun cycle network!!!

#55: A FUN CYCLE NETWORK!!! Why – as Jessie J might put it – are so many cyclists in London so serious? Maybe it’s because they believe they’re saving the world with every revolution of the pedals.

The problem is, all this righteousness usually backfires. Non-cyclists think cyclists are pompous, while regular cyclists feel so morally superior they can’t actually remember what it’s like to be a non-cyclist, and therefore can’t come up with policies which will really help promote cycling.

I was riding along in Cambridge earlier today when some kids starting racing me. Needless to say, I opened a can of whoop-ass and left them in the dust. But the experience reminded me of how much fun cycling can be.

This is especially true in a town where cycling is so popular that it’s part of the furniture. Without the burden of hostility which London’s militant cyclists are afflicted by, Cambridge’s cyclists can lighten up and enjoy the ride.

The streets on a London Cycle Map would be equally as fun to cycle on. By bringing non-cyclists into the fold, and creating a traffic-light territory where regular cyclists can forget their traditional hostilities, Parker’s easy-to-follow coloured routes would be full of racing kids and victorious magazine editors.

A people’s cycle network! A fun way to get around the capital! Are London’s cyclists so serious they can’t imagine what a wonderful thing a London Cycle Map would be?


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