Olympic countdown - Reasons for a London Cycle Map, #81: Silence.

#81: SILENCE. I’m writing this from the Yorkshire Dales, where the thing that strikes me most is the wonderful silence. Silence is more than just the absence of sound – it’s a whole experience in itself, one that’s strangely more intense than noise is.

Silence in cities is almost impossible to find. But a London Cycle Map could change that. With proper signage and road markings all along the routes of the London Cycle Network, the biggest impression would be not the thousands of cyclists gliding past but the silence trailing in their wake.

Soon, like gentle ripples, that silence would spread through the capital as more and more Londoners, on more and more streets, swap their noisy cars for bikes.

And in those advancing spaces, where silence dwells, who knows what inspiration Londoners will find.


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