Olympic countdown - Reasons for a London Cycle Map, #91: An option for experienced cyclists.

#91: AN OPTION FOR EXPERIENCED CYCLISTS. Following on from the previous reason, the capital's experienced cyclists would surely find the London Cycle Map useful sometimes. On the whole, they may still prefer to belt down main roads, weaving in and out of the traffic, or to navigate using smart phone technology. But main roads aren’t always the best option (riding on backstreets can be just as quick and certainly more pleasant) and phones aren’t always available (they can be forgotten, lost, or out of battery).

I find it hard to believe that, every once in a while, experienced cyclists wouldn’t be grateful to be able to make use of a network of easy-to-follow cycle routes connecting all areas of the capital.

Needless to say, cyclists wouldn’t be obliged to use these routes, any more than Londoners are obliged to take the train or drive a car. The routes would be optional. Some cyclists worry that a London Cycle Map would ‘send out a message that cyclists are unwelcome on other roads’. But this worry makes no sense. If true, it would undermine the idea of building any cycling infrastructure on any roads – not a sensible consequence.

And, anyway, the London Cycle Map would encourage so many new cyclists, all of whom would come off the network as and when they please, that there would soon be more cyclists on all of the capital’s streets. The message would be that cyclists can be found anywhere in London.

As any businessperson knows, creating choice helps raise consumer interest. A London Cycle Map would be a useful choice for experienced as well as new cyclists.


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