Olympic countdown - Reasons for a London Cycle Map, #97: Just like a Sky Ride

#97: JUST LIKE A SKY RIDE. Sky Rides have proven enormously popular, and a great way to encourage new cyclists to give it a go. The lack of traffic and the presence of marshals, signs, markings and lots of other riders reassures would-be cyclists that they won’t get lost or come to harm.

Alas, Sky Rides are just temporary. When the day is over, the event infrastructure is disassembled and the streets tend to go back to the same congested and polluted places they were before.

A properly implemented London Cycle Map would be like a permanent Sky Ride. With signs and markings all along the routes and maps at the junctions, as well as lower traffic and high numbers of other cyclists, the London Cycle Network would attract hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of new riders. It would become host to the equivalent of a mass Sky Ride every day.


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