Parks, pedestrians, police

Similar theme as below. I've never understood why cyclists aren't allowed to use London's parks more freely. That is, until I read the Guardian's latest Bike Blog, about how New York police are 'cracking down' (why do newspapers love that phrase so much?) on cyclists in Central Park. This is the line that really caught my eye:

"The park is so popular with recreational and sports cyclists in all but the hardest winter months, that the unwritten rule is that pedestrians look out for themselves when they cross and the traffic signals are irrelevant when the park's closed to vehicular traffic".

My heart sank. From feeling immediate sympathy for New York's cyclists I felt a twinge of shadenfreude. I don't live there, so I can't comment on the details or justify my hunch; but I do know that many a time I've encountered a cyclist in London who is barrelling luminscently and pompously through a crowded public space - sacrificing social graces for moralism - and thought to myself: *you're not doing cycling any favours*. When there's an 'unwritten rule' that 'pedestrians look out for themselves' in a park, something's probably not quite right.

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