Should you talk on your phone while cycling?

... asks Jorren Knibbe in the Guardian. In my opinion, no; it diminishes my ability to react, and (obviously) to use both my hands. I don't even listen to music on headphones while I cycle, cause I want to hear what's going on around me; not just for safety, but cause it's part of the fun! What do you reckon?




When you're cycling, anything

When you're cycling, anything that distracts you from your immediate surroundings is obviously undesirable. Of course, if you're not concentrating then you're more likely to miss indicators of what's ahead, and have less chance of reacting quickly to it. But you'll also miss the opportunity to notice and appreciate things you could only experience from a bike. Cycling's like running in this respect: when you're doing it you feel properly engaged in the world, so even though your mind might be wandering elsewhere, your senses become attuned to the surroundings (almost like being on autopilot). Talking on the phone puts a stop to all this, so it minimises your chance to enjoy the ride. Sipping a mochafrappuccino while meandering along (a la Helena Christensen), however, is scientifically proven to promote flow and is therefore heartily encouraged.

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