A weight off my mind

Yesterday I cycled about 20 kilograms of magazines from Lea Bridge Road to Herne Hill via Holborn then back to the Strand. Doing it by car would have meant the congestion charge, petrol and traffic, so I ruled that out. But why didn't I just take the train or bus? I opted for the bike partly because it was free, but for an even simpler reason too: because at no point did I actually have to lift all that weight.

After I had put each of the panniers onto my bike rack, my legs just had to do a little bit more work than usual - which isn't much to start with, as anyone who has ridden a bike will know. It was a strangely magical experience having 20 kilograms of luggage gliding along beside me. Much easier than lugging it over my shoulders, then up escalators or on and off buses.

I also got to see the lovely view from Waterloo Bridge - and a weight was lifted from my shoulders in more ways than one. 

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