Colour-coded cycle routes in Bracknell

Simon Parker's London Cycle Map is calling for trails of coloured signs and road markings to be added to the streets of the London Cycle Network. The result would be a vast network of easy-to-follow Tube-style routes criss-crossing the capital in all directions, enabling Londoners to cycle from anywhere to anywhere by following just a few coloured routes. 

This may sound like a pipe dream, but the precedent has been set elsewhere.

Bracknell Forest Council has equipped some sections of the local cycle network with colour-coded signage to make the routes easier to follow. So far, there is a Red Route which connects the Look Out Discovery Centre and Coral Reef Waterworld to Bracknell town centre, the Blue Route which is a circular route running from Coral Reef to Lily Hill Park, and the Yellow Route which runs from the town centre via Wildridings to South Hill Park – where it links up with the Red Route.

What a visionary policy!

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