January our best ever month – more boroughs than ever for issue 9 – contributors wanted

On the back of the BEST EVER month for cyclelifestyle.co.uk in January, we’re now preparing for the spring/summer issue of Cycle Lifestyle magazine (issue 9) which is publishing in the first week of May 2013.

Further great news is that we’ll be collaborating with more London boroughs than ever for issue 9. This will mean a bigger print run – full details to follow soon.

As usual, we’re seeking contributions to the magazine – whether from advertisers who want to reach new cyclists, or from writers, poets and illustrators seeking a new forum for their work.

To find out more, please get in touch on info@cyclelifestyle.co.uk

If someone had told you a few years ago that a new free cycling magazine would grow and grow in London despite all the economic gloom, would you have believed this exciting news?

Well, it’s true! Thanks to the fantastic support we have received so far, Cycle Lifestyle is making a real difference, delivering copies of our unique free cycling magazine to many thousands of locations throughout the capital.

Please do keep it up... we will too.



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