What to Wear

For most urban cycling trips there’s no need to wear special clothing, any more than there is for a walk to the shops. You can even cycle in smart clothes, so long as you’re comfortable. Some general advice:

  • Make sure that your clothing is neither too baggy (catching in the chain) or too tight (restricting your pedalling).
  • In wet conditions it is a good idea to wear a waterproof coat (and overtrousers, if it’s pouring). Another option is to carry spare clothes separately.
  • It’s important to be visible, especially at night or in heavy traffic, so consider wearing light-coloured clothes or a reflective jacket/vest.
  • A hat and gloves will keep your extremities warm in cold weather. Cycling is usually the warmest option for travelling in cold weather, since your body heat rises to a comfortable level within minutes of pedaling.
  • It’s not compulsory to wear a helmet to cycle in London, but many people choose to. If you do, ensure that your helmet is of good quality and properly fitted. For more thoughts about helmet use, click here.


Please stress the sensible

Please stress the sensible necessity to WEAR A HELMET... - thank you!

Hi Ian. Thanks for your

Hi Ian. Thanks for your comment. I've added a few lines about helmet use above, as well as linking to further thoughts on the matter, detailing Cycle Lifestyle's (and the LCC's and Sustrans' and CTC's) policy on helmet use.

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