Who's who

Ben Irvine - Editor. Ben has cycled in London since he was a kid growing up in the East End. He is the founder of Oldspeak Publishing, and a philosopher/writer/one of these with a PhD from Cambridge University. He is passionate about the idea of creating a tube-style London Cycle Map.


Rebecca Watts - Assistant Editor. Becca applies her natural talent for pedantry to every word of everything, and experiences palpitations when she recalls the rogue full stop that crept into issue 3 when she was off-duty (Ben’s fault entirely). Since working on the magazine she’s fully embraced the cycle lifestyle and considers her new head torch to be the pinnacle of sophistication.


John Haste - Illustrator/designer. Jon produces illustrations from his home in Stoke Newington, East London, under the name KOLB, and spends his time creating images for editorial work, bands and clothing. He's also a pretty keen cyclist and, as well as enjoying the deserved popularity of cycling in the area, he often pushes out a little further a field. "I've got Kent, Essex, Suffolk and Surrey all an hour or so's ride from my front door" says Jon, "so the wider advantages of enjoying cycling in London are incredible!". You can see some of Jon's work at www.kolbillustration.com

Julia Powles - Technology Reviewer. Julia is based in the British cycling capital, Cambridge, where she spends her days thinking about innovation, technology, law and policy and conjuring grand schemes.  She rides a sleek all-black Cannondale Bad Boy with a garish frog bell. 



Cathy Bussey - Writer. Cathy is a writer and journalist living in South London, and a regular contributor to Cycle Lifestyle. She uses her bike both as a means of transport and a hobby, and can occasionally be seen cycling to a coastal destination overnight dressed in bright pink. Her first book is due to be published in 2011.



Dominic Tyerman - Webdesign. Dom provides freelance technical support to a range of organisations - as a producer for Jazz FM, a webdesign and business support officer to E-Government Networks, and the tireless manager of Cycle Lifestyle's online presence. Born in Yorkshire, now an honorary Londoner, Dom looks like Pete Doherty but is a very good boy.


Gareth Jenkins - Writer. Gareth cycles 24 miles a day, to and from work in the West End - all as a result of Cycle Lifestyle’s Give it a Go. Still being relatively new to cycling he approaches it with the wide-eyed enthusiasm of a novice. “I love how cycling has completely changed my approach to life", says Gaz. "Riding to work is possibly the most grownup thing you can decide do, yet everyday being out in the fresh air, I feel like a kid again".


Elizabeth Hunter - Writer. An exciting new talent for the winter issue of Cycle Lifestyle, coming soon, Liz is a writer and blogger living in North London. She cycles everywhere for the sheer joy of it and writes stories about the things she sees along the way. You can read more of her bike-based escapades at thetrustysteed.blogspot.com  or follow her on twitter: @girlandsteed.


Adam Copeland - Writer. Adam is is deputy editor of sister publication 4x4 Lifestyle, and loathes London's cyclists with a passion he barely conceals in his column. He funds his collection of beautiful but environmentally disastrous Hummers by working as a TV producer and writer.


Kev Levell - Illustrator. Kev used to design the toys that fell out of cereal packets. Shortly before the economy collapsed he decided to take a leap of faith and follow his boyhood dreams - he is now a freelance illustrator, comic artist and designer. He lives in Cambridge with his wife and a growing collection of published works. For more about Kev please visit his blog kevlev.blogspot.com or his website www.kevlev.co.uk.

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