Olympic countdown - Reasons for a London Cycle Map, #36. Great for students.

#36. GREAT FOR STUDENTS. Students in Londonhave an open mind and more places to go than time to get there. With lectures, libraries, seminars and parties calling, the only bad thing about living in the capital is the hassle of travelling across it.

Thankfully, great ideas thrive in universities, and buying a bike is one of the best students can have. It enables them to travel free and live the dream that brought them to London in the first place: to experience the greatest city on earth first-hand, face to face.

Cycling also helps raise serotonin levels, an important barrier against the epidemic of mental illness found on modern campuses.

But even for the brains of Britain, cycling in London can still be tricky. To cycle across the capital you need to prepare a safe route with hundreds of turn-rights and turn-lefts. Using a smart phone is an option, but these cost money and distract riders from the surrounding traffic.

Off their bikes students should be using their brain-power to study, while on their bikes they should be relaxing and giving their subconscious creativity a boost.

A London Cycle Map would make travelling throughout the capital as easy as catching the Tube yet much more pleasant. By following simple signs and road markings on a network which provides a direct connection between any two areas, students on bikes could remember just a few coloured routes to get to their destination.

With around a quarter of a million students in higher education in the capital, a London Cycle Map would bring huge rewards to people who love to learn about the world around them.


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