Yorkshire 1, London 0

If, as they say, Yorkshire is a state of mind, then it is an eminently sensible one.

Early next year, the Tour de France’s opening stage – which will go through Wensleydale, Leyburn, Ripon and Harrogate – will be marked with 50 signs, enabling tourists and locals alike to follow the route (although presumably not during the race itself). 

The signage will be funded and installed by North Yorkshire County Council, which has pointed out that the economic benefits will far outstrip the cost.

Sadly, this outbreak of rationality hasn’t reached London, where 2000 kilometres of routes on the generally safe and quiet London Cycle Network remain virtually unsigned and unusable, so that cyclists who don’t have time to plan a route using the network are tempted onto busy main roads instead.

Simon Parker has suggested a great way to sign the London Cycle Network, that is, in accordance with the long straight coloured routes depicted on his Tube-style London Cycle Map design.

Please help us change London’s state of mind by adding your name to the London Cycle Map Campaign petition and joining the campaign on facebook and twitter

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